Using Waku as communication layer

Hi there,

I am trying to see how Waku can help dApp developers using state channels by providing a communication layer. I tried to run one of the code examples with no luck: Cannot run tic-tac-toe or rps apps · Issue #16 · statechannels/apps · GitHub

Is there a simple project available that works that I could fork to play with?


Hi Franck,

As George commented in the issue, the apps are not currently maintained. The browser wallet implementation was only suitable as a POC – it did sign the right states in the right order, but wasn’t designed well to work at scale.

We have implemented a node-js wallet that runs in the server. This may be a good place to try out Waku, as the messaging layer is now configurable.

For instance, a socket-io message service is implemented here. It’s used in one of our e2e tests here.

You could try implementing a WakuMessagingService, and we could see if it works in the e2e test. Is that a sensible thing to do?

Hi Franck,

Thanks for checking us out! I think Andrew’s idea is probably the best bet!

There’s a readme here that might help you can get up and running with the e2e tests. The e2e test will start up ganache and two wallet “nodes” and will fund/create channels then defund/destroy them.

To use Waku as a communication layer you would need to create a typescript service that implements these interfaces.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you run into any issues.